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This is the Health & Safety News section. This page is a resource aimed at assisting clubs, trainers, licensees, and other sector groups.

Over time this page will be updated with the latest information, manuals, and other pertinent documentation.

A frequently asked question in the thoroughbred industry is – What is a Notifiable Event and what do I have to do in regards to reporting such an occurrence?

The link below is to the WorkSafe website which has a concise tool to help you understand a Notifiable Event

This also explains what a Notifiable Death, Injury, Illness or Incident is.

The WorkSafe website FAQ section may also answer several questions you have.  The link for their FAQ is below

The link for the homepage on the WorkSafe website is


Health and Safety (H&S) Templates and Supporting Documents

NZTR and HRNZ staff, along with WorkSafe representatives previously carried out a series of Health and Safety workshops in regional centres. The workshops were well attended by Clubs, Industry sector groups and RIU staff. As a result of the workshops a series of H&S templates and advisories have been created to assist in producing your own plans.

These documents are available on your code body web site. If you would prefer them emailed or in another format please contact:


The Health and Safety at Work Act comes into force in April 2016 with additional Health and Safety requirements, as the Government looks to substantially reduce New Zealand’s work accident record.

It is important that Health and Safety is given a priority now and not delayed until next year.

Both NZTR and HRNZ have resources to assist Clubs and can also advise other sector groups as to where they can get assistance and guidance if required, your local WorkSafe representative is also be available to assist.


  1. Summary of the new Health & Safety Act – this is a legal overview of the new Act and how it impacts on your club;
  2. Board reportingoutlines suggestions for Health & Safety reporting to a Board/Committee;
  3. Health & Safety Manual and AppendixA very comprehensive guide to assist clubs with writing or updating their Health & Safety Plan;
  4. InductionGuide for staff training; 
  5. Training track guidelines for Thoroughbred.


  1. Summary of new Health & Safety Act – this is a legal overview of the new Act and how it impacts on trainers, breeders and jockeys;
  2. Trainer/breeder contractor induction;
  3. Trainer/breeder staff induction;
  4. Induction docNZTR stable staff (document suitable for people new to the stable environment).


In addition to the code body Web sites the following WorkSafe web sites have advice and forms to assist you.

In case some of the trainers have tree plots as part of their farms or as shares

Recent Health & Safety Publications

As resources are developed, and then released to the industry they will be listed here:





NZTR Health & Safety Newsletter - January 2015



Presentation to Racing Managers - March 2015



NZTR Health & Safety Newsletter - May 2015



Presentation to Racing Managers - July 2015


NZTR Circular

Signage for Stables and Stud Farms March 2016


Modified Safety Guide

Horse Racing Safety Guide - Stables  Download
Planning Document Health and Safety Plan Outline - sector groups Download