Meeting News

Distance Changes Avondale JC 12 July & Racing Te Aroha 21 July

The following race distances have been changed:


Avondale 12 July

R65 changes from 1600m to 1400m

Mdn changes from 1600m to 2000m


Te Aroha 21 July

R65 changes from 1400m to 1600m

Mdn changes from 1400m to 1600m

Due to required maintenance on the chute at Avondale the maiden 1600m will now be run over 2000m while the R65 1600 will be a 1400m race. This relates to the Wednesday 12 July meeting. On Friday 21 July at Te Aroha the R65 1400m will now be 1600m while the maiden changes from 1400m to 1600m.