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Racing Tauranga | Saturday 24 June RACE DAY

Race Day
Weather: Overcast
Track: Heavy 11
Rail: True | 2mm Rain Overnight
Weather and Track updated at 6.30am Saturday 24 June

Friday Afternoon
Weather: Drizzling
Track: Heavy 11
Rail: True | 25mm since 7.30am
Weather and Track updated at 5.00pm Friday 23 June

Friday Morning
Weather: Showery
Track: Heavy 11
Rail: True | 52mm Rain Last 24 Hours
Weather and Track updated at 7.30am Friday 23 June

Thursday Morning
Weather Raining
Track Heavy 11
Rail True | 11mm Rain Overnight
Weather and Track updated at 8.52am Thursday 22 June

Withdrawal Morning
Weather Overcast
Track Heavy 10
Rail True
Weather and Track updated at 7.30am Wednesday 21 June

Nomination Morning
Weather Fine
Track Heavy 10
Rail True | 10mm rain on Sunday
Weather and Track updated at 7.20am Tuesday 20 June


Apprentice Riders:
A Chan (a3) c-/027 430 5886
E Farr (a2) 021 220 2049
J Fawcett (a4) c-/ 0274 274 800
S Mckay (52kg) c/- 027 491 9689
J Nason (a2) 0274 714 778
T Newman (a4) 0211 715 703
Z Nor Azman (3) c/- 027 785 4560
A Schwerin (a2) 021 773 100
R Scott (a4) 021 115 6004
A Sims (a3) 021 0269 6013
S Weatherley (a1) c/- 027 467 6151

Senior Riders:
D Bradley 021 430 083
V Colgan c/- 027 467 6151
A Collett 021 0248 5739
S Collett c/- 0274 544 249
G Cooksley 021 618 588
M Du Plessis c/- 0274 544 249
T Harris c/- 027 785 4560
M Hills 021 968 182
R Jones 027 229 2775
C Lammas 0275 175 880
R Norvall 021 339 891
J Riddell c/- 021 454 942
S Spratt c/-021 944 819
M Tanaka c/- 0274431175

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Tauranga Stabling Clause
The Club's Committee have resolved and must advise that Boxes/Yards can not be booked for Race Day only. Trainers wishing to reserve horse accommodation for the night prior to the race day can do so by phoning the Club 07 578 6102

Licence Display:
To assist security in ensuring that only authorised people are allowed into the raceday stalls area it is essential that all licence-holders and licenced staff wear their licence badges so that they are clearly visible at all times. Security do not neceessarily know trainers and other licence holders by sight and wearing licence badges so that they are easily seen will prevent any unnecessary embarrassment in accessing the stalls area.

Following consultation with the New Zealand Trainers’ Association & Racing Clubs, it has been agreed that entry to the Saddling Enclosures at all thoroughbred racing venues will be restricted to Licensed Trainers & Registered Persons. In conjunction with this directive, the minimum age for staff to enter these areas is 14 years unless a Stipendiary Steward has granted prior approval. In order to enforce this policy, Licensed Trainers and Licensed Persons must display their official NZTR ID card to gain access to the Saddling Enclosure areas on raceday.