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Tuesday, 25 Nov 2014

Important Note:
NZTR has been testing new video technology aiming to produce same-day coverage of trial meetings. During the pilot NZTR discovered a number of equipment and quality issues. The equipment is currently being repaired and reconfigured to resolve these issues. We are aiming to have the system operating in all regions by the end of September 2017.
For more information about Same Day Trials Coverage click here.
  • Going

    Dead5 7.33 am 24/11/14
  • Weather

  • Rail

    Out 3m from 950-300, remainder True
  • Track

    Left hand
    Left hand
  • Straight

    375 Metres
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Waverley R.C. @ Waverley Last updated 25/11/2014 1:56 pm

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