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Doncaster T.C. @ Ashburton Last updated 22/03/2017 2:44pm

Wednesday, 22 Mar 2017

Important Note:
NZTR is testing new video technology with the aim of producing same day coverage of trial meetings.
The pilot scheme will be restricted to northern trials meetings and there are expected to be instances during the testing period when the coverage will be affected by technical and network issues.
However, it is hoped that in most cases that the videos will be available on the NZTR website on the day of the trials meeting. For more information about Same Day Trials Coverage click here.
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    Dead4 9.43 am 21/03/17
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    Left hand
    Left hand
  • Straight

    382 Metres
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Doncaster T.C. @ Ashburton Last updated 22/03/2017 2:44 pm

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