Hall of Fame

New Zealand Racing Hall of Fame

Inductees are chosen from across New Zealand's thoroughbred history and industry in two categories:

  • Horses, and
  • People

The Selection Committee - made up of recognised journalists, historians, and industry professionals - use set criteria to prioritise and select outstanding contributions to New Zealand thoroughbred racing that now need to be recognised.

The objectives of the New Zealand Racing Hall of Fame are:

  • To recognise and honour those whose achievements have enriched the New Zealand thoroughbred industry.
  • To increase national and international interest and participation in New Zealand racing.
  • To develop a prestigious event that has unique appeal to the general public as well as racing enthusiasts.
  • To enhance the image and brand of the New Zealand Racing Hall of Fame event.

Inductees are chosen from right across New Zealand thoroughbred history, in two categories, Horses and People.

The selection panel comprised journalists, historians and industry professionals.

For more information and a full list of inductees and event details, please visit the Racing Hall of Fame website.