Choosing Colours

Racing Colours are comprised of a set of Jacket, Sleeve and cap and the racing colours themselves each cost $105.00. These colours are separated into two distinct categories, owners and stable colours.

Owners and Stable Colours

  • Owners may register a set of Colours in their own name by advising of their selection. Owners colours are registered on a five year renewal cycle, the next renewal date is the 31st July 2020.
  • Alternatively, if the trainer of a horse has registered stable colours these may be used by owners, again saving the expense of registering their own colours.
  • Stable Colours               

Company Colours

Companies can register colours with branding and logos.
  • Company Colours cost $1500 to register.

Different colours can be used for the Jacket, Sleeve and Cap backgrounds and for the markings on each of these.

To see the different colour combination options and to design your own colours, please contact New Zealand Racing Wear or Hyland Race Colours.

NZ Racing Wear
12 Cottle Road
RD 3 
Te Awamata
Phone 07 8722768
Mobile 027 3248574 

Hyland NZ 
Donna Beck
Ph: 021 1122 534


Colours application form can be found on the Forms page.