Choosing a Trainer


There are many factors which you may like to consider when making your choice of trainer.

  • Location - You are likely to want to see your horse as often as possible so it is important to select a trainer who is relatively local.
  • Record - The length of time they have been training and their track record of success is another important consideration (Search on a profile for performance details).
  • Communication - A trainer's ability to communicate with their owners and their general philosophy towards training is probably the most important attribute to look for when selecting a trainer.

Most trainers will be delighted to show you around their establishment without commitment, as long as you arrange the visit in advance.

A trainer rarely charges for assisting you in your selection of a horse, however they do expect to train the horse for you in return. They may also have knowledge of horses available for sale or lease or they may have other clients with whom you could share ownership.

When you contact a trainer there are several basic questions you should ask. Firstly, you need to enquire about training fees (these are charged on a daily basis and can vary depending on the stage of work the horse is at).

Most trainers can provide this as a monthly amount. Also ask for an estimate of the incidentals such as track fees, blacksmith fees, normal veterinary costs and transport charges. The important thing to remember is that the more questions you ask the greater your knowledge, and this will decrease the chance of any surprise or hidden costs.

The personal rapport you have with a trainer is important as this can determine the enjoyment you derive from owning your horse. It's important to remember that these trainers are under an incredible amount of pressure every time your horse steps out onto the track, however you as an owner are effectively an employer and you have the right to know what is happening with your investment at all times. Communication is the single most important component of a successful relationship between owners and trainers.

Regular visits to the stables to view your horse, watching track work and discussing progress, all add greatly to the ownership experience. The New Zealand Trainers' Association represents all professional trainers and will be able to provide you with a list of trainers and contacts who could best suit your location and requirements.

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